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Christopher Stroop – Author, The Resistance Platform. Stanford Ph.D. in Modern Russian History. Essayist. Activist. Educator.
Linda Tirado – Author, Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America. Columnist. Essayist. Activist.
Tamyra Walker – Director, Yes We Code. M.S. Mathmatics and Teaching, Drexel. Youth Developer. STEM and Diversity Educator.
Aram Fischer – Leader, Indivisible SF. Co-founder, Indivisible Data. Co-Creator, My Truth to Power and Amplify Apps. Steering Committee Member, Rock the Congress.
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We are bringing passionate local organizers and people together with some nationally recognized activists, influencers, and authors.

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DiveIn is a platform that connects people to local nonprofits, community organizations, and worthy causes. Make a positive impact on your world.


We will have a live-stream embedded above at the time of the event. The focus of the Engage discussions will be on our current political climate and the context of what is happening at a National level that affects local communities and organizers, including The Resistance and Indivisible movements.









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DiveIn is a new social network made up of passionate people looking to get involved with meaningful activities. Our mobile apps help people stay active and engage. Sign-up with the ‘Let’s Do It’ button above to get involved in your area, and share this page with others that will want to be a part of what we are doing.

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We are expanding to your metro area and can help you plan and promote events, and mobilize and reach more people.